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Once the seat of governance of Ancient Ones, their ruins have seen better days. This was the site of the Ancients' final stand against demonkind.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

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Ancient Ruins Map Final







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Kill 10 Elite Skeletons with an Elemental Attack(Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 9,600 XP Icon 4,060
Kill 35 Undead Champions with a Radiant Attack  Gold Icon 19,195 XP Icon 8,115
Kill 20 Demon Champions with a Tier 49 Weapon Gold Icon 38,390 XP Icon 16,230

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Moved comment from the top of the page that this area was bugged and there was a solution posted below for content fluidity.  The comment is a large paragraph which shows one person's solution of the Wasteland to get into the Ancient Ruins.

Someone has posted a clear, concise and excellent Map and directions for The Wasteland to help people having trouble getting into the Ancient Ruins.  No, the Ancient Ruins and Wasteland are not bugged, just a bit confusing. Ancient Ruins itself is pretty easy.  At the end, just walk along with Khiil Urd.  He is slow but don't race ahead of him or that will mess up the game a bit. 

Suggest you play Mural Corridor before playing this.  Just a suggestion.  Happy gaming all.