The blood match Arena was introduced in the v1.3 patch of DH4

In the Arena players are pitted against bosses they have fought through the campaign, recieving a 50% damage bonus for each defeated boss. Bosses will keep spawning until th 5 min timer runs out, the goal is to amass as many blood points as possible.

There are weekly rewards for Blood points, most of which would normally only be aquired through gems.

It is possible to fill all 10 blood vials 3 time using gameloft, facebook and Google+ accounts separately, However, weekly leaderboard prizes will only be awarded to the lowest of the 3. The Blood Vial rewards also seem to lessen in value if players do this.

The Damage bonus acts like skill damage, and the advantage of having a high multiplier on the skills lessens as you progress, but can help getting through the first 3 waves quickly. It is therefore also advantageous to use skills that deal damage multiple times to a single rather than one shot high damage skills.

The questions is: where does one find it?

Blood Match Icon Gone Edit

According to the Gameloft forums there is no specific date Blood Match will be returning. Check frequently, I will keep you guys posted on this and the Kankheer gate. For more in depth research you can visit Gameloft Blood Match Forums or the Known issues pages.

Blood match has return7ed.