"Castle Valance" is the Castle found in Valenthia. if u left the battleground you will see Valen soldier Thris and Vorom. Check the shop on guides and you will be led to castle with help of soldier. Win krailash to level victory.

Castle ValanceVorom



Enemy Levels
Corrupted Soldier 3
Elite Corrupted Soldier 4
Imp 3
Hellion Leaper 3
Elite Hellion Leaper 4
Demon Champion 4
Kra'ilash The Igniter 6

Items ObtainableEdit

Item Type
Rusted Sword Battleworn Weapons
Copper Helmet Battleworn Helm
Rusted Helmet Battleworn Helm
Copper Hauberk Battleworn Armor
Copper Vambraces

Battleworn Gauntlets

Rusted Gauntlets

Battleworn Gauntlets

Copper Greaves

Battleworn Boots

Rusted Greaves

Battleworn Boots

Black Iron Crafting

Single Player MissionsEdit

Mission Rewards
Kill 20 Corrupted Valen Soldiers with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 115 XP Icon 190
Kill 2 Elite Hellion Leapers with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 230 XP Icon 375
Defeat Kra'ilash The Igniter 2 times with a Tier 13 weapon Gold Icon 460 XP Icon 750