The very first decision you get to make when embarking upon your hunt is which class you would like to inhabit.

Battleworn - Equipped with powerful broadswords and thick armor, members of the elite Battleworn Warrior regiment leap fearlessly into battle and can crush serveral enemies with a single blow.

Blademaster - Deadly swordsmen and martial artists, Blademasters are unmatched in solo combat.  They also wield impressive magic allowing them to become invisible or sap energy from their foes.

Warmage - From a young age, the Academy's Warmages are trained in arcane destruction.  They serve in the Valen army as human cannons, and can teleport away from danger if the enemy gets too close.

Sentinel - Not just the best archers in Valenthia, the Sentinels are also the eyes and ears of the Valen army.  They can move quickly, lay traps and debilitate enemies from afar.

For each class you can select whether to be male or female.