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Shared EquipmentEdit

Class specific equipmentEdit

Location Battleworn Blademaster Warmage Sentinel
Weapon Weapons Weapons Rods
Head Helmets Helmets Circlets
Body armor Armor Armor Garments
Hands Gauntlets Gauntlets Cuffs
Leg armor Boots Boots Shoes

Naming of equipment Edit

All socketable items have a name that consists of either a base name only, a base name with a prefix (one charm/green), a base name with a suffix (two charms/blue) or both a prefix and a suffix (three charms/gold). For example, an item with three charms might be named "Agile Valen Sword of the Archmage".

For a complete list of prefixes and suffixes see Naming of equipment.

Unlocking gearEdit

There are two different ways to unlock gear. The first is to reach a certain level, the second is to reach a milestone. The unlocks in these cases are slightly different. Gear unlocked by reaching the required level stays available in the shop, but only the gear unlocked by reaching the highest milestones is available. For example a level 22 character that has reached the Wasteland while have access to 9-25, and 45-49 gear, but lose access to 33-37.

The table below is based on 1.1.0. Versions 1.0.1 had the same missions, but lower level requirements, multiples of 12 instead of 14.

Tiers Unlock Level Milestone
9-13 NA NA
21-25 14 (was 12 in 1.0) Reach The Skull Pass
33-37 28 (was 24 in 1.0) Reach Bayant Mountain Range
45-49 42 ? (was 36 in 1.0) Reach The Wasteland
57-61 56 ? (was 48 in 1.0)(yes it was but NOT NOW :@)

Finish The Weeping Woods Elite

Or start wave 5 of Eternal battle (Solo) (World Map [top left -      gold banner] - click Solo)

Reach The Skull Pass (Hardcore difficulty in Version 1.5.0)
69-73 70 ? (was 60 in 1.0)

Finish the Lupine Peak Elite

Or start wave 11 of Eternal battle (Solo)

Reach Bayant Mountain Range (Hardcore difficulty in Version 1.5.0)

81-85 84 (was 72 in 1.0)

Start Wave 16 of Eternal battle (Solo)

Reach The Wasteland (Hardcore difficulty in Version 1.5.0)

93-97 98 (was 84 in 1.0) Start Wave 21 of Eternal battle (Solo) (Please take note that this does not work for everyone.)

Limited gearEdit

There are several vendors located in the single-player levels that offer time limited fully charmed gear. The gear is only available for 30 minutes at these locations and never again for any one character. The gear is normally offered just before a boss that blocks the way to the location that would unlock the next tiers of equipment.

Tiers Name Location
15 Eerie Goblin Tunnels
27 Crazed Clockwork Dungeon
39 Boreal Kankheer
52 Dark Ancient Ruins

Where to get equipment of tierEdit

The following table shows where equipment of certain levels can be found or what resource is needed to craft or buy the item.

Tier Source Tier Source Tier Source
1 Init 37 Gem 73 Gem
2 38 Chest, Monster 74 Chest, Monster
3 Chest, Monster 39 Gem for 30 minutes after found 75
4 40 76
5 Chest, Monster 41 Chest, Monster 77 Chest, Monster
6 42 78
7 43 79
8 Chest, Monster 44 Chest, Monster 80 Chest, Monster
9 Black Iron, Gold 45 Gold, Voidstone 81 Gold
10 Gold 46 Gold 82 Gold
11 Black Iron, Chest, Monster 47 Chest, Monster, Voidstone 83 Chest, Monster
12 Gem 48 Gem 84 Gem
13 Gem 49 Gem 85 Gem
14 Chest, Monster 50 Chest, Monster 86 Chest, Monster
15 Gem for 30 minutes after found 51 Gem for 30 minutes after found 87
16 52 88
17 Chest, Monster 53 Chest, Monster 89 Chest, Monster
18 54 90
19 55 91
20 Chest, Monster 56 Chest, Monster 92 Chest, Monster
21 Dragolith, Gold 57 Gold 93 Gold
22 Gold 58 Gold 94 Gold
23 Chest, Dragolith, Monster 59 Chest, Monster 95 Chest, Monster
24 Gem 60 Gem 96 Gem
25 Gem 61 Gem 97 Gem
26 Chest, Monster 62 Chest, Monster 98
27 Gem for 30 minutes after found 63 99
28 64 100 Spiritstone
29 Chest, Monster 65 Chest, Monster
30 66
31 67
32 Chest, Monster 68 Chest, Monster
33 Ancient Crystal, Gold 69 Gold
34 Gold 70 Gold
35 Ancient Crystal, Chest, Monster 71 Chest, Monster
36 Gem 72 Gem


Some analysis of the values of various pieces of gear.

Upgrading itemsEdit

Upgrading headgear, armor, gauntlets and boots adds 1/9th of the health bonus of the armor with no slots. This can be generalized to figure out the health value of equipment with X health and Y charms slots currently after it is upgraded to Z charm slots. X * ( 9 + Z ) / ( 9 + Y ). The value may be off by couple of health points depending on how you round. This formula does not work with weapons.

Figuring out the health of other items at the same tierEdit

It is possible to figure out the health bonus of other items at the same tier. For example if you have a Bramble Cloak and you wanted to know the health of a Hood with the same number of charm slots you multiple the health by 8 and divide by 9. The general formula is known item health * factor of unknown item / factor of known item. There does not seem to be a simple relation ship between the damage value of weapons and the health value of other equipment.

Slot Factor
Boots  6
Gauntlets 7
Headgears 8
Body armors 9