The Goblin Tunnels are not for the faint of heart. If you're having trouble, try visiting The Archives or Valance Courtyard to improve your inventory.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

 Globlin Tunnels is a Level need to be played with a 2000+ damage attack or 7000hp armor. Black Iron and Dragolith can be found. The bridge is very difficult, as well as the boss. A popular method for aproaching the bridge is to dash across.


Goblin Tunnels Map

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Enemy Levels
Goblin 12
Goblin Hunter 12
Goblin Hero 12
Elite Goblin Hero 14
Cave Troll 13
Hobgoblin 12
Goblin Alchemist 12-13
Elite Goblin Alchemist 14
Goblin Jailer 12
Enslaved Troll 12
Goblin Rider 13
Ne'ethkin the Despoiler 15

Items ObtainableEdit

Item Type
Standard Sword Battleworn Weapons
Standard Helmet Battleworn Helmets
Polished Chestplate Battleworn Armors
Standard Cuirass Battleworn Armors
Polished Fists Battleworn Gauntlets
Standard Gauntlets Battleworn Gauntlets
Polished Greaves Battleworn Boots
Standard Boots Battleworn Boots
Charm of the Soul Lv2 Charms
Charm of Perception Lv1 Charms
Charm of Power Lv1 Charms
Black Iron Crafting
Dragolith Crafting

Single Player MissionsEdit

Mission Rewards
Kill 3 Elite Goblin Heroes with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 600 XP Icon 985
Kill 2 Trolls with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 1,195 XP Icon 1,970
Defeat Ne'ethkin the Despoiler 2 times with a Tier 13 weapon Gold Icon 2,390 XP Icon 13,945