When you are upgrading a high Tier equipment, for example a Tier 58 helmet, waiting 4 hours and 50 minutes is a very long time to wait. I'm going to show you how to upgrade quicker without spending gems.

Things NeededEdit

First, you need two android devices with DH4.

Second, both devices must be rooted.

Third, both devices must have a Titanium Backup.


Only one memory card has the DH4 obb.

Both must be connected to the internet.

Step 1: Backup DH4 from the first device.

Step 2: Transfer the memory card to the second device.

Step 3: Open the DH4 on the second device and upgrade the equipment you want to upgrade.

Step 4: Backup DH4 on the second device.

Step 5: Transfer memory card to the first device.

Step 6: Restore DH4 on the first device.