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Being a nomadic people, Kankheer is the closest thing to a "capital" that the Kenashi have. Often moving its location between battles, this city is as hard to find in clear weather as it is in a blizzard.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

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Cold-bloded Kankheer giants have enslaved the poor Kenashi. You must end this by killing the Ustrak The Devourer . He is very powerful and has skeleton minions that help him kill you. Beware hero. This won't be easy. In Kankheer you will find the limited weapon goblin shop.



Blademaster Boreal Blades  Heart 7:                Bandit 7:                 Nature 8:

+38.04 Health/s     +4% Health Leech    +40% Poison Damage 


To get to the boss you will need to do only one quest : Free the Kenashi slaves. You will find 4 slaves as you walk down the path while killing Imp , Hellion Warrior , Hellion Spitter and Hellion Leaper . Most of them will be around level 30. They should be easy. My advice - level up to at least 26 so you would be strong enough and have the best weapon you can buy with Gold  or Gem so you would make one-hit kills to make it easier.

Single Player Missions Edit



Kill 50 Hellion Warriors with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 5,030 XP Icon 2,960
Kill 80 Hellion Spitters with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 10,060 XP Icon 5,925
Defeat Ustrak The Devourer 3 times with a Tier 37 weapon Gold Icon 20,115 XP Icon 11,850