Many myths and legends speak of men who walk into this grove never to be seen again. No one alive is brave enough to prove these stories wrong.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

Hack : When you get to area 2, follow the upper left rounded trail. Run into the wall at the end. The purple blast knocks you over the wall and into arena 3 . The monsters don't chase you.


Lightless Grove


Main QuestEdit

Savage Bedfellows: Enter the Lightless Grove and defeat Acantha, the Spirit of Harmony uhxhbd

Single Player MissionsEdit



Normal Level 18-21

Kill 100 Hobgoblins Gold Icon 1,475 XP Icon 1,605
Kill 150 Hobgoblin Heroes with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 5,895  XP Icon 3,210 
Kill 5 Elite Hobgoblin Shamans with a Tier 25 weapon Gold Icon 205,000  XP Icon 6,415 

Elite Level 57-60

Kill 3 Elite Hobgoblin Heroes with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 24,630 XP Icon 6,400
Kill 15 Arborean Hybrids with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 98,510 XP Icon 12,795
Kill Acanthia, the Spirit of Harmony, 2 times with a Tier 60 weapon Gold Icon 257,000 XP Icon 25,590

Heroic Level 66-69

Kill 220 Hobgoblins with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 35,485 XP Icon 7,630
Kill 170 Hobgoblin Shamans with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 141,950 XP Icon 15,255
Kill 10 Elite Hobgoblin Heroes with a Tier 61 weapon Gold Icon 309,000 XP Icon 30,510

Legendary Level 75-78

Kill 200 Hobgoblin Heroes with a Lightning Attack Gold Icon 48,815 XP Icon 8,895
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 195,250 XP Icon 17,785
Kill 10 Elite Hobgoblin Shamans with a Tier 73 weapon Gold Icon 360,000 XP Icon 35,570

Godlike Level 84-87

Kill 25 Arborean Hybrids with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 64,770 XP Icon 10,190
Kill Acantha, the Spirit of Harmony, 4 times with a Fire Attack Gold Icon 259,070 XP Icon 20,375
Complete the Arena by using at most 1 potion Gold Icon 478,000 XP Icon 70,750