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The highest point in the mortal realm has been claimed by the Lupine. Once controlled by the Kenashi, who took pride in literally being on top of the world, it has been abandoned to the beasts.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

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Normal Level 27-30

Kill 100 Elite Lupine Bullies with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 3,885 XP Icon 2,610
Kill 150 Lupine Archers with an elemental Attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 15,550 XP Icon 5,220
Kill 10 Elite Lupine Shamans with a Tier 37 weapon Gold Icon 480,000 XP Icon 10,440

Elite Level 65-68

Kill 5 Elite Lupine Bullies with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 34,160 XP Icon 7,490
Kill 25 Lupine Packmasters with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 136,650 XP Icon 14,980
Kill 3 Demon Wolves with a Tier 61 weapon Gold Icon 640,000 XP Icon 29,960

Heroic Level 74-77

Kill 330 Wolves with an Ice Attack Gold Icon 47,205 XP Icon 8,750
Kill 110 Lupine Shamans with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 188,820 XP Icon 17,500
Kill 15 Elite Lupine Bullies with a Tier 73 weapon Gold Icon 747,000 XP Icon 35,005

Legendary Level 83-86

Kill 200 Lupine Bullies with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 62,860 XP Icon 10,045
Kill 110 Lupine Archers with a Lightning Attack Gold Icon 251,445 XP Icon 10,045
Kill 15 Elite Lupine Shaman with Tier 85 weapon Gold Icon 853,000 XP Icon 40,170

Godlike Level 92-95

Kill 35 Lupine Packmasters with a Fire Attack Gold Icon 81,285 XP Icon 11,365
Kill the Demon Wolf 5 times with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 325,130 XP Icon 22,730
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 1,103,000 XP Icon 45,455