Some missions require a weapon of a specified level, available only by spending gems in the shop. The weapon levels specifically required for completing all objectives of missions are listed below, with the mission locations and mission level (in parenthesis: (N)ormal, (E)lite, (H)eroic, (L)egendary, and (G)odlike).

Level 12Edit

1 MISSION: (notation needed)

Level 13Edit

6 MISSIONS: Valenthia(N), Castle Valence(N), Goblin Tunnels(N), The Archives(N), Valance Courtyard(N), Warmage Academy(N)

Level 24Edit

1 MISSION: (notation needed)

Level 25Edit

5 MISSIONS: Clockwork Dungeon(N), Skull Pass(N), Dungeon Vestibule(N), Lightless Grove(N), Weeping Woods(N)

Level 36Edit

1 MISSION: Giant's Steppe(N)

Level 37Edit

4 MISSIONS: Kenashi Trials(N), Lupine Peak(N), Bayant Mountain Range(N), Kankheer(N)

Level 48Edit

1 MISSION: Warmage Academy(E)

Level 49Edit

13 MISSIONS: Wasteland(N), The Void(N), Ancient Ruins(N), Dolor Chamber(N), Spirit Temple(N), Battlegrounds(N), Lost City(N), Wyrm's Nest(N), Mural Corridor(N), The Archives(E), Weeping Woods(E), Valance Courtyard(E), Warmage Academy(E)

Level 60Edit

2 MISSIONS: Lightless Grove(E), The Archives(H)

Level 61Edit

Quit playing.

Level 72Edit

7 MISSIONS: Burial Grounds(E), Giant's Steppe(E), Lost City(E), Dungeon Vestibule(H), Kenashi Trials(H), The Archives(L), Warmage Academy(L)

Level 73Edit

11 MISSIONS: Battlegrounds(E), Forsaken Altar(E), Mural Corridor(E), Wyrm's Nest(E), Dolor Chamber(H), Giant's Steppe(H), Lupine Peak(H), Dungeon Vestibule(L), Lightless Grove(L), Valance Courtyard(L), Weeping Woods(L)

Level 84Edit

5 MISSIONS: Burial Grounds(H), Lost City(H), Wyrm's Nest(H), Kenashi Trials(L), Valance Courtyard(G)

Level 85Edit

9 MISSIONS: Spirit Temple(E), Battlegrounds(H), Forsaken Altar(H), Mural Corridor(H), Dolor Chamber(L), Burial Grounds(L), Giant's Steppe(L), Lupine Peak(L), Dungeon Vestibule(G)

Level 96Edit

3 MISSIONS: Mural Corridor(L), Lost City(L), Worm's Nest(L)

Level 97Edit

7 MISSIONS: Spirit Temple(H&L), Battlegrounds(L), Forsaken Altar(L), Mural Corridor(L&G), Dolor Chamber(G), Giant's Steppe(G)

Available in Weapon DropsEdit

Some lower-leveled mission-required weapons have appeared in weapon drops, but only after the player's character advances to the highest levels (citation needed).