Mural CorridorEdit

The Mural Corridor is a co-op arena where players can face waves after waves of vicious opponents and bosses. Unfortunately, like other co-op arenas, the amount of monsters given are limited. Players can easily farm in this area and grind crafting equipment if they are a good enough level. This is an optional map but is highly recommended.


The Mural Corridor can give 300,000 gold and more an hour or even in less time depending on the players. If players are all the average level, the 300k gold can be earned in one run if they're efficient and fast enough. The Mural Corridor is perhaps the best place in the game to farm Voidstone. Voidstone is dropped in 1-5 pieces depending on the monsters. So far, it seems it's fairly a 60%-80% chance it'd drop throughout the arena. Once the equipment from the Voidstoness are crafted, the best thing to do is equip them an grind the Corridor again for experience.

Wave 1-3Edit

Enemy Levels
Putrid Corpse 36-37
Specter 37-38
Skeleton 37-39
Undead Conscript 37-38
Undead Spearman 36-38
Undead Necromancer


Undead Champion


Elite Undead Spearman 38
Roth the Repugnant 41

Wave 4-6Edit

Enemy Levels
Dragonling 39-41
Elite Dragonling 41
Saurion Warrior 39-41
Saurion Shaman 39-41
Ashen Hydragon 42-44
Vespa, the Spirit of Power 44

Wave 7-9Edit

Enemy Levels
Imp 42-44
Elite Imp 44
Hellion Warrior 42-44
Hellion Leaper 43-44
Hellion Spitter 43-44
Demon Champion 43-45
Khiil Urd 47