If you are Spirit-Kissed, you are immortal. Your avatar is spirit-kissed and this is why you can use Spirit Spells. In the beginning events of the game, there are multiple scenes of Liora fighting Kra'ilash the Igniter. The more you progress in the game, the more scenes are displayed. In one scene, Liora was in a meeting with Acantha and Vespa and were talking about the current demon invasion and think that helping the mortals isn't necessary. Liora decided she should aid the Valens and goes to Valenthia to fight the demons, but is defeated by Kra'ilash the Igniter. After you defeat of Ustrak the Devourer, you see Liora falling, right next to your dead character, spirit-kissing it and continuing its life. At some point of the game, you must fight the remaining two spirits, Acantha in Lightless Grove and Vespa in Wyrm's Nest.