A Kenashi Chief is always crowned standing over the body of his predecessor at the entrance of the Chieftain's Hall.


Enemies you would typically find in Lupine Peak, Kenashi Trials and Kankheer

Wave 1-3 Wave 4-6 Wave 7-9
Wolf Wolf Imp
Lupine Bully Lupine Bully Hellion Leaper
Lupine Archer Kenashi Slave Hellion Spitter
Lupine Shaman Kenashi Shaman Hellion Worrior
Lupine Packmaster Kenashi Berserker Demon Champion
Elite Lupine Shaman Elite Kenashi Berserker Elite Imp
Demon Wolf Alpha Ravager Ustrak The Devourer

Main QuestEdit

Find Your Demons. Defeat the Spirit of Power in Wyrm's Nest.

Single Player MissionsEdit

Mission Reward
Kill 50 Imps with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 6,355 XP Icon 3,320
Kill 150 Wolves with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 25,420 XP Icon 6,640
Kill 50 Kenashi Shamans with a Tier 36 weapon Gold Icon 587,000 XP Icon 13,280
Mission Reward
Kill 20 Lupine Archers with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 39,645 XP Icon 8,045
Kill 20 Hellion Spitters with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 158,590 XP Icon 16,090
Kill 3 Elite Kenashi Berserkers with a Tier 72 weapon Gold Icon 679,000 XP Icon 32,185