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The Void


The Void is a place that exists outside of time and space and that links all of the realms togehter. The spirits, in their desperation, banished demonkind here ages ago.

—Dungeon Hunter 4


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Enemy Levels
Hellion Spitter 43
Imp 43
Hellion Leaper 42
Hellion Warrior 42
Demon Champion 42/43
Kra'ilash The Igniter 44
Ne'ethkin the Despoiler 44
Oughon the Bloodcourdling 44
Ustrak The Devourer 44
Drall the First 48

Single Player MissionsEdit

Mission Rewards
Kill 8 Demon Lords with a Fire Attack Gold Icon 11,530 XP Icon 4,435
Kill 15 Greater Demons with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 23,060 XP Icon 8,874
Defeat Drall the First 4 times with a Tier 49 weapon Gold Icon 46,125 XP Icon 17,740