These woods have long been the home to Valen who choose to live outside the law. These days, the Right Hand bandits have only increased in their maliciousness now that the Valen legion is occupied with the invasion.

—Dungeon Hunter 4


Weeping Woods


Main QuestEdit

Savage Bedfellows: Kill Wayland the Bandit Leader

Single Player MissionsEdit



Normal Level 15-18

Kill 100 Hooded Bandits Gold Icon 970 XP Icon 1,290
Kill 150 Bandit Duelists with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 3,880 XP Icon 2,580
Kill 5 Elite Bandit Archers with a Tier 25 weapon Gold Icon 171,000 XP Icon 5,155

Elite Level 53-56

Kill 4 Elite Hooded Bandits with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 20,550 XP Icon 5,865
Kill 5 Bandit Champions with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 82,195 XP Icon 11,725
Kill 2 Bandit Lords with a Tier 49 weapon Gold Icon 214,000 XP Icon 23,450

Heroic Level 62-65

Kill 5 Elite Hooded Bandits with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 30,365 XP Icon 7,075
Kill 150 Bandit Archers with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 121,470 XP Icon 14,155
Kill 150 Bandit Duelists with a Tier 61 weapon Gold Icon 257,000 XP Icon 28,310

Legendary Level 71-74

Kill 330 Hooded Bandits with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 42,575 XP Icon 8,325
Complete the Arena by using at most 1 potion Gold Icon 170,300 XP Icon 16,655
Kill 10 Elite Bandit Archers with a Tier 73 weapon Gold Icon 300,000 XP Icon 33,310

Godlike Level 80-83

Kill 25 Bandit Champions with a Fire Attack Gold Icon 57,340 XP Icon 9,610
Kill the Bandit Lord 4 times with an Ice Attack Gold Icon 229,370 XP Icon 19,220
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 404,000 XP Icon 38,435