The Valance Courtyard is the first available Co-Op Arena.

Castle Valance's courtyard was once teeming with eager squires tethering valiant mounts; now it's the slight of hellish fiends feasting on the carcasses of both.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

In the Valance Courtyard, you'll find the strongest enemies in the region. If you're having trouble, try returning later or bring some friends!

—Dungeon Hunter 4


Valance Courtyard

Waves 1-3Edit

Enemies you would typically find in Warmage Academy.

Enemy Levels
Corrupted Peasant 6-7
Corrupted Soldier 6-8
Corrupted Warmage 6-8
Elite Corrupted Warmage 8
Demon Champion 7-9
Council Warmage 11

Waves 4-6Edit

Enemies you would typically find in Castle Valance.

Enemy Levels
Imp 9-11
Elite Imp 11
Hellion Warrior 9-11
Hellion Spitter 9-11
Hellion Leaper 9-11
Demon Champion 10-12
Kra'ilash The Igniter 14

Waves 7-9Edit

Enemies you would typically find in the Goblin Tunnels.

Enemy Levels
Goblin 12-14
Goblin Hunter 12-14
Goblin Hero 12-14
Goblin Alchemist 12-14
Elite Goblin Alchemist 14
Cave Troll 13-15
Enslaved Troll 14-15
Goblin Rider 15-16
Ne'ethkin the Despoiler 17

Single Player MissionsEditEdit

Mission Rewards
Kill 25 Corrupted Peasants Gold Icon 970 XP Icon 1,290
Kill 50 Goblins with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 3,880 XP Icon 2,580
Kill 20 Hellion Leapers with a Tier 13 weapon Gold Icon 23,500 XP Icon 5,155