The human kingdom of Valenthia is the first map area you can explore. This area leads to several other places you are tasked with exploring as you follow the story, such as its overtaken capital Castle Valance.

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Enemies found Outside
Enemy Levels
Corrupted Peasant 6-12
Corrupted Soldier 6-12
Imp 6-12
Hellion Leaper 6-9
Hellion Warrior 6-12
Elite Hellion Warrior 7-13
Hellion Spitter 6-12
Demon Champion 7-10
Enemies found in the Windmill
Enemy Levels
Imp 6
Hellion Warrior 6
Demon Champion 7

Enemies found in the Cellar
(During 'Find the woman's child')
Enemy Levels
Demon Champion 8

Items ObtainableEdit

Item Type
Standard Sword

Battleworn Weapons

Copper Broadsword

Battleworn Weapons

Standard Helmet Battleworn Helmets
Copper Helmet Battleworn Helmets
Rusted Helm Battleworn Helmets
Standard Cuirass Battleworn Armors
Copper Hauberk Battleworn Armors
Rusted Mail Battleworn Armors
Copper Vambraces Battleworn Gauntlets
Rusted Gauntlets Battleworn Gauntlets
Copper Greaves Battleworn Boots
Rusted Greaves Battleworn Boots
Charm of Storm Lv2 Charms
Charm of Nature Lv1 / 2 Charms
Charm of Fire Lv1 Charms
Charm of Power Lv1 Charms
Charm of Agility Lv1 Charms


Mission / Rewards / Dialogue Gallery Images
Protect the Boon Tree
  • Protect the Boon Tree
Gold Icon 100 XP Icon 175
Sister Lel: Please... help me... The demons, they're coming for me.
Protect the Boon Sister missing screenshot
Gold Icon 100 XP Icon 175
Sister Jessenia: Please help...
Find the woman's child / Kill the demon
  • Find the woman's child 1
  • Find the woman's child 2
  • Find the woman's child 3
  • Find the woman's child 5

missing screenshot # 4

Gold Icon 100 XP Icon 175

Mourning Mother: Ser, I beg of ye... There's something wrong with my child. Please help him.

Player: I'll see what I can do.

Peasant Child: Hello. Can you help me find my way home?

Player: You are not what you seem.

Peasant Child: I'll feast on your flesh!

Slay the demons surrounding the demonologist
  • Slay the demons surrounding the demonologist 1
  • Slay the demons surrounding the demonologist 2
  • Slay the demons surrounding the demonologist 3
  • Slay the demons surrounding the demonologist 4
  • Slay the demons surrounding the demonologist 5
Gold Icon 200 XP Icon 250

Player: You seem strangely happy.

Demonologist: Of course I'm happy! I'm a demonologist! It's always been scrolls, brittle tomes... Now there's a living specimen in every corner of the land!

Player: I trust that your studies are geared toward finding a way to fight these things.

Demonologist: Yes! ... Umm... Of course... Which is preecisely why I require some demon blood.

Player: I may be able to draw some.

Single Player MissionsEdit

Mission 1 - Normal Rewards
Destroy 3 Demoniac Spawners Gold Icon 190 XP Icon 430
Kill 50 Hellion Warriors with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 375 XP Icon 860
Defeat 10 Demon Champions with a Tier 13 weapon Gold Icon 750 XP Icon 1,720