Valenthia's criminals are sent to this prison to be used as test subjects and live practice dummies with which the Warmages can hone their skills.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

The Warmage Academy is the easiest co-op level in Dungeon Hunter 4. It's boss is the Council Warmage(s). This location is unlocked in early missions. The Warmage Academy has mobs levels 6-9 at normal difficulty and levels 45-48 at elite difficulty.


Warmage Academy-01
  1. Entrance
  2. First Combat Circle
  3. Second Combat Circle
  4. Third Combat Circle
  5. Council Warmage
  6. Treasure and Exit


Items ObtainableEdit

Item Type
Copper Broadsword Battleworn Weapons
Rusted Sword Battleworn Weapons
Copper Helmet Battleworn Helmets
Rusted Helmet Battleworn Helmets
Copper Hauberk Battleworn Armors
Rusted Mail Battleworn Armors
Copper Vambraces Battleworn Gauntlets
Rusted Gauntlets Battleworn Gauntlets
Standard Boots Battleworn Boots
Copper Greaves Battleworn Boots
Rusted Greaves Battleworn Boots
Charm of the Soldier Lv1 / 2 Charms
Charm of Fire Lv2 Charms
Charm of Power Lv1 Charms
Charm of Fortitude Lv1 Charms
Black Iron Crafting

Single Player MissionsEdit

Mission Rewards
Normal Level 6-9
Kill 100 Corrupted Prisoners Gold Icon 190 XP Icon 430
Kill 140 Corrupted Soldiers with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 750 XP Icon 860
Kill 100 Corrupted Warmages with a Tier 13 weapon Gold Icon 9,400 XP Icon 1,715
Elite Level 45-48
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 13,685 XP Icon 4,820
Kill 5 Elite Corrupted Warmages with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 54,730 XP Icon 9,635
Kill 2 Council Warmages with a Tier 48 weapon Gold Icon 127,500 XP Icon 19,270
Heroic Level 54-57
Kill 200 Corrupted Prisoners with and elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 21,525 XP Icon 5,995
Kill 200 Corrupted Soldiers with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 86,110 XP Icon 11,990
Kill 10 Elite Corrupted Warmages with a Tier 49 weapon Gold Icon 150,000 XP Icon 23,985
Legendary Level 63-66
Kill 150 Corrupted Warmages with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 31,600 XP Icon 7,215
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 126,410 XP Icon 14,430
Kill 10 Elite Corrupted Prisoners  with a Tier 61 weapon Gold Icon 180,000 XP Icon 28,855
Godlike Level 72-75
Kill 35 Bandit Champions with an Ice Attack Gold Icon 44,085 XP Icon 8,470
Kill the Council Warmages 4 times with a Lightning Attack Gold Icon 176,350 XP Icon 16,935
Complete the Arena by using at most 1 potion Gold Icon 251,000 XP Icon 33,870