The mortal realm was once home to many fantastic creatures, such as the Dragons of Legend. Now all that's left are their descendants and their bones.


Single Player MissionsEdit

Normal Level 36-39
Mission Reward
Kill 150 Saurian Shamans with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 7,875 XP Icon 3,685
Kill 15 Elite Saurian Warriors with an elemental attact (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 31,500 XP Icon 7,370
Kill 30 Ashen Hydragons with a Tier 49 weapon Gold Icon 882,000     XP Icon 14,745
Elite Level 73-76 
Mission Reward
Kill 10 Elite Dragonlings with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 45,630 XP Icon 8,610
Kill 35 Ashen Hydragons with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 182,520 XP Icon 17,220
Kill Vespa, the Spirit of Power, 4 times with a Tier 73 weapon Gold Icon 1,440,000 XP Icon 34,435
Heroic Level 82-85
Mission Reward
Kill 440 Dragonlings with an Ice Attack Gold Icon 60,985 XP Icon 9,900
Kill 290 Saurian Shamans with a Lightning Attack Gold Icon 243,950 XP Icon 19,795
Kill 20 Elite Saurian Warriors with a Tier 84 weapon Gold Icon 1,543,000 XP Icon 39,590
Legendary Level 91-94
Mission Reward
Kill 340 Saurian Warriors with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 79,095 XP Icon 11,215
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 316,380 XP Icon 22,430
Kill 20 Elite Dragonlings with a Tier 96 weapon Gold Icon 1,646,000 XP Icon 44,865